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Frequency research is largely part of complementary medicine and is becoming more and more widespread. Most efforts in frequency research with laser have been made in modern auricular medicine (ear acupuncture) and body acupuncture as well. In conventional medicine, frequencies have always been used for muscle stimulation, TENS, biofeedback, etc. In surgical lasers, frequency modulation primarily controls energy delivery.

However, the modulation frequency can also be considered as information (resonance frequency). This form of frequency application is similar to the "photoacoustic effect", which is also used diagnostically in medicine (pulsed laser results in ultrasound for tissue analysis, blood glucose measurement). The following is an excerpt from Wikepedia:

The photoacoustic effect or optoacoustic effect is the formation of sound waves following light absorption in a material sample. In order to obtain this effect the light intensity must vary, either periodically (modulated light) or as a single flash (pulsed light). The photoacoustic effect is quantified by measuring the formed sound (pressure changes) with appropriate detectors, such as microphones or piezoelectric sensors. These measurements are useful to determine certain properties of the studied sample. In photoacoustic spectroscopy, the photoacoustic signal is used to obtain the actual absorption of light in either opaque or transparent objects.

The photoacoustic effect was first described by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880.[1] Shortly thereafter, other renowned scientists such as Rayleigh[2], Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen[3] and John Tyndall[4] also published papers on this effect.[5][6]

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For the correct performance of auricular medicine (ear acupuncture), modern acupuncture, laser resonance therapy, special "biofrequencies" according to NOGIER, BAHR, REININGER and SCHOLTES are required. These resonance frequencies must be pre-pogrammed in the laser devices and are used for diagnosis (RAC pulse palpation) and laser therapy. The RAC diagnosis (Reflext Auriculo Cardial also called VAS, Vasoton Autonom Signal) is easier to learn than the pulse diagnosis of TCM and can be practiced by everyone after some training.
The frequencies are ideally selected through the RAC and applied directly. They resonate with ear and body points, tissue layers, trouble spots, organs, diseases, environment, hormones and much more.

Dr. Paul Nogier, RAC diagnosis, VAS diagnosis, auriculo therapy, laser therapy

Dr. Paul Nogier

The French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, was born in Lyon in 1908 and died on May 15, 1996, can be considered "the father of modern ear acupuncture". He discovered the seven major frequencies (A-G) and introduced them for the first time into medicine for diagnosis (RAC or VAS) and for therapy, laser therapy.

The NOGIER frequencies are pre-programmed in the RJ laser devices:

A´292, B´484, C´1168, D´2336, E´4672, F´9344, G´18688 Hz
Dr. Frank Bahr, RAC diagnosis, VAS diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Prof. Dr. Frank Bahr

Dr. Frank Bahr, was a student of NOGIER and has discovered many important bio-frequencies as well as the frequencies of the energy centers (see below). Dr. Bahr is founder and honorary president of the German Academy of Acupuncture (DAA e.V.).
Dr. Bahr works with the LightStream and Physiolaser. The BAHR frequencies are programmed into the RJ laser units e.g. B1-B7:

B1/599, B2/1199, B3/2398, B4/4796, B5/9592, B6/19184, B7/38368 Hz
Dr. Manfred Reininger, RAC diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Dr. Manfred Reininger

Dr. Manfred Reininger, is the Vice President of the largest Austrian Acupuncture Society (OGKA) and was the first to discover and apply the meridian frequencies. In the following years he presented a complete system of frequencies, with reference to diseases, organs, environment and much more.

Dr. Reininger works with the Physiolaser and the LightStream. The REININGER frequency system is programmed into the RJ laser units.

Dr. Christoph Scholtes, RAC diagnosis, VAS diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Dr. Christoph Scholtes

Dr. Christoph Scholtes is the director of training at SACAM. With around 500 members, the SACAM is the largest and most important medical acupuncture society in Switzerland. Dr. Christoph Scholtes works with the Physiolaser and LightNeedle.
The frequencies of parasites, viruses and bacteria discovered by Dr. Scholtes are integrated in the RJ laser devices.
Dr. med. vet.Uwe Petermann Lasertherapie, RAC diagnosis, auriculo medicine, laser therapy

Dr. Uwe Petermann

Dr. Uwe Petermann, has been a speaker at the DAA and international organisations IVAS for many years. He is the leading practitioner/teacher of controlled acupuncture and has published several books on laser therapy in veterinary medicine and also organizes his own professional training courses.
Dr. Uwe Petermann conducted pioneering research on modern acupuncture in veterinary medicine (PCLAC) and developed highly effective energy treatment methods and frequency combinations (e.g. focal bursts).
Dr. Uwe Petermann works with the Physiolaser 90 W/904 nm, LaserPen 90 W/904 nm, multi-cluster probe (5x60W/904 nm) and the LightStream.

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Frequency zones (Nogier)

Frequency zones (Nogier), laser therapy, laser acupuncture

Pre-programmed Nogier resonance frequencies

According to Dr. Paul Nogier the frequencies correspond to body parts and health conditions etc.. Each frequency can be detected via the RAC pulse test. 
The frequency information is transmitted via the laser beam in addition to the laser photon energy. Beside the Nogier frequiencies there are many more bio-frequencies or resonance frequencies available. 

Back Shu points

Laserpuncture, Laser acupuncture, bladder meridian, Back Shu points

Using meridian frequencies to optimize acupuncture, laser acupuncture

The photo shows a stimulation of the bladder meridian (back-shu points, consent points). This can be done point by point with the LaserPen or as a "merdian massage" by stroking the meridian along its course.
Back-Shu points (points of agreement) are specific points located on the back of the body where the Qi of the Zang Fu organs flows.

Front Mu points are located on the chest and abdomen.

The points are named after the corresponding zang-fu organs.

Bio-frequencies and therapy programs included in the RJ laser devices

Dr. Paul Nogier
A-G (all potencies)

Dr. Frank Bahr
Bahr vessels
Musculoskeletal, Spinal column 1-3
Special (frequency group 1, 2, 3) Eyes
Teeth, Quadrants, Jaw joint
Energy meridian, OM

Dr. Manfred Reininger
RI, RIII, RIII,  Meridians, Antique Masterpoint
Levels, Various, Stagnation, Transformation
Genetic burdon, Life frequencies, Frequencies of completition
Frequential guide line
Deep pathologic Point, Basis/Lifelinie, Stagnation,
Yin-Rhythm, Yang-Rhythm, Earth sounds
Conflict  level vital-/emotional-/mental-/causal          
Regeneration, Energy frequencies
Sound frequencies, Schumann-Reininger

Dr. Christioph Scholtes
Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Various

RJ Therapy programs (combination of bio-frequencies)